The REENO Method
The REENO Method

The REENO Method

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My 15-step process for turning drawings into clean, hi-res, transparent outlines converted into a 1-click Photoshop action! I use this action in every single one of the drawings on my Instagram (@reenostus) & Constantly get asked about the process. 
Why waste 10+ minutes every time you want to create a piece of work when for only $10 you could perform the same process more efficiently in 10 seconds! 
On top of the action, this bundle includes a realistic pen brush I made to emulate the look of a pen's linework. This can be used for touching-up parts of your drawing without losing that pen & paper vibe.

What's included in this bundle:
• The REENO Method Photoshop action (.ATN) 
• The REENO Pen Brush (.ABR) 
• Written instructions covering everything you need to know to successfully utilize this bundle

As soon as you finish checking out, you will receive an email with a unique download link.

How to unzip folder: 
PC: Right-click the folder, click Extract All, and then follow the instructions. 
MAC: Double click the .zip file, then search for the product folder or product file.

* This bundle requires Photoshop already being installed. This bundle does not include Photoshop as a program, just add-ons to it.